Tilting Wall Foundation to Be Repaired
Frozen Concrete After Concrete Is Repaired
New Concrete Foundation for Home Remodeling Addition in Chicago
Foundation Structural Repair in Chicago Area
Foundation Crack Repair Job (Before Repair)

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Grid Straps With Toughened Epoxy

SKV Construction is an authorized installer of Fortress Stabilization Systems and a partner of Emecole Inc. in bringing the best possible repair solutions for cracks in poured concrete walls as well as in block concrete walls.

Carbon Fiber is a proven alternative to steel for reinforcing residential and commercial concrete structures. Carbon fiber from Fortress, Emecole, and SKV Construction is:

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If you would like to repair your concrete block or poured wall using the best technology from patented Fortress Stablilization products, then fill out the form below!
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The video below shows the steps in repairing your concrete wall.  The repair requires special tools and knowledge.  While you may be able to do the work yourself, to benefit from the Fortress Lifetime Guarantee, get a free quotation from SKV Construction to do the work on your behalf!

Shown below are a few examples of carbon fiber concrete repair using Kevlar strips and toughened epoxy from Emecole.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Carbon Fiber Strap Installatlion by Emecole Carbon Fiber Repair from Fortress Stabilization on Concrete Block Wall Carbon Fiber Repair on Poured Concrete Wall by Fortress Stabilization Carbon Fiber Kevlar Repair on Poured Concrete Wall by Fortress Stabilization

 For information on the application of carbon fiber staples, see About Carbon Fiber Staple Reinforcement.  For more information on carbon fiber reinforcement products, visit this page on this site.  Fortress Stablilization Systems

For an extensive list of successful case studies from Fortress Stablization Systems, see these successful concrete repair projects.

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